The Phené Philanderers Cricket Club

Summary of Results for 2011

Played: 17

Won: 4

Lost: 6

Drawn: 7

Wins: %

Time Date Opponents Result Phené Opponents
14:00 Sun 01 May Shamley Green Drawn 149 for 6 279 for 4
le Clercq 2-30, J McGahan 1-44, W McGahan 1-72
Harman 35, J McGahan 29, Ham 18
Shamley Green won the toss and decided to bat. Rock hard and uneven track allowed a huge advantage to the batsman with proper technique resulting in a fine partnership of 180 for Shamley between Kimmins (91) and Rumble (109). Phené were held together, just, by a defiant Harman (35 with 8 fours), McGahan (29) and Ham (18) after le Clercq had been knocked out by the second fierce bouncer of the first over and departed to A&E, where he spent the next 18 hours. An uneven draw was eked out.
14:00 Sat 07 May Abinger Hammer Won by 7 wickets 102 for 2 101
P McGahan 3-5, Dean 2-11, W McGahan 2-20
Harman 38*, M McGahan 30, Lane 29
Abinger won the toss and decided to bat. A tight bowling and fielding performance by the Phené put increasing pressure on Abinger Hammer, who were held together by a fine knock by Craggs of 41. He was well caught on the boundary by a running Simon Dean or might well have reached 50. Simon spearheaded the attack with 8 brilliant overs yielding only 11 runs and gathering him two wickets. Pat McGahan tidied up the tail with 3 for 5 off 4 overs, while Alex Dean opened his Phené bowling career with a wicket first ball, a wicket maiden, and final figures of 1 for 4. It cost his father a jug. Thanks to level headed openings and a solid contribution by Nick Lane, Phené reached the target just as a light drizzle forced everyone eagerly into the bar.
14:00 Sun 15 May Shackleford Lost by 95 runs 146 241 for 8
le Clercq 2-25, J McGahan 2-27, Dean 2-90
Eade 24, Dean 23*, J McGahan 19
Phené won the toss and decided to bowl. The driest April for years created this hard track, and with the ball running away down the hill Shackleford got off to a flying start from the opening spells with the new ball. 65 by Gerrard and many supporting roles meant Phené toiled until tea with Shackleford on 241 for 8. Without some superb catching by Lane (2), Dean (1) and our loan player Hockley (3) this total would have been even more formidable. Phené were never in the chase and lost wickets regularly until the final and largest stand of 41 between Eade and Dean promised the chance of a draw. It was not to be, however, as with 3 balls remaining Eade committed hara-kiri having patiently defended so long for a top score of 24.
14:00 Sun 22 May * Chelsea Arts Club Drawn 182 for 8 213 for 9
Landais 5-65, J McGahan 1-48, Dean 1-50
Bachelor 58, Ham 35, le Clercq 21
Phené won the toss and decided to bowl. Three jugs were bought in The Oak after the match by Sam Carter (86), Stuart Bachelor (58) and John Landais (5 for 65). A cracking good match in which the duel between Sam Carter and Simon Dean was almost surreal. In a poetic dismissal, a fierce slash by Sam was caught by John Landais at gully for 86 in the last over of Simon's 14-over uninterrupted opening spell. The first nine overs had gone for just 18 runs. Batting of the highest class and bowling to match. Phené, after a promising start, were 46 for 1, but slumped to 51 for 3, at which point the match seemed unwinnable. Stuart Bachelor would have none of it and struck a valiant 58 off 56 balls before madly attempting to score the required 31 runs for victory with four balls remaining. The odds were always stacked against him, the pavilion pundits felt. It was left to John Landais to calmly defend the final 3 balls meaning the SHAFT trophy was retained by the Philanderers. Taut stuff.
14:00 Mon 30 May Island Bakeries Drawn 194 for 6 182 for 8
Harman 84, le Clercq 55, Dean 10
P McGahan 2-23, Dewan 2-39, Dean 1-17
le Clercq & Harman put on 156 for the 1st wicket
Island Bakeries won the toss and decided to bowl. An excellent opening stand of 156 by le Clercq (55) and Harman (73) allowed Phené to take the advantage in wet and skiddy conditions. When le Clercq was run out Bakeries had already conceded 28 of the eventual 32 extras. In reply a gritty 93 by Richards almost saw Bakeries to a win, but once he fell lbw to Dean in the 26th over, the final 52 required from the 9.3 overs with 5 wickets in hand proved too much of an ask for the Bakeries' young players.
14:00 Sun 05 June Barnes Occasionals Abandoned (rain) 34 for 3 234 for 2
J McGahan 1-48, Landais 1-60
Harman 16, Dean 15
Barnes won the toss and decided to bat.
14:15 Sun 12 June Brook House & Ardingly Abandoned (rain) - 169 for 5
J McGahan 3-50, Landais 1-15, Dean 1-34
Phené won the toss and decided to bowl.
14:30 Sun 26 June Nihilists Won by 26 runs 187 for 5 161
Snee 87, le Clercq 45
J McGahan 4-44, Dean 3-13, Landais 2-35
Phené won the toss and decided to bat.
11:30 Sat 02 July Island Bakeries Lost by 5 wickets 172 176 for 5
Snee 69, Dean 28, W McGahan 22
15:30 Fri 15 July Colehill Occasionals Won by 13 runs
(30 overs)
197 for 6 184 for 8
Harman 92*, Tull 58, W McGahan 17
W McGahan 2-17, Landais 2-32, J McGahan 1-19
Harman & Tull put on 108 for the 1st wicket
10:00 Sat 16 July * Plush Tournament We failed to retain the Plush Challenge Cup.
14:30 Sun 17 July Bride Vale Lost by 9? wickets 115 ?
Snee 48, le Clercq 21, Harman 14
Landais 1-11
14:30 Sun 24 July Peper Harow Lost by 4 wickets 134 for 9 138 for 6
Bachelor 52, Harman 13, A le Clercq 10*
J McGahan 3-21, Elson 2-34, A le Clercq 1-21
Phené lost the toss and were asked to bat. We never looked likely to post a decent score, losing Harman to a magic ball from Thurley in the seventh over and despite Bachelor's gritty 52. However Peper Harow were made to work for the victory thanks to Jeremy McGahan's outstanding bowling.
11:30 Sat 30 July Demijohns Cancelled
14:30 Sun 07 Aug Philanderers Cancelled
14:30 Sun 07 Aug Netteswell & Burnt Mill Lost by 40 runs 123 163
Dean 3-24, Swayne 2-22, Elcock 2-31
Bachelor 48, Ham 29, Dean 14
13:30 Sun 28 Aug Thursley Drawn 151 for 6 140 for 8
Harman 70*, W Cunliffe 25, Snee 17
J Cunliffe 6-1-8-5, Anderson 1-13, Landais 1-18
13:30 Mon 29 Aug Pirbright Drawn 155 for 8 208 for 7
Landais 3-51, Elcock 1-12, Dean 1-23
Bachelor 56*, W Cunliffe 39, Harman 29
Pirbright won the toss and chose to bat.
14:00 Sun 04 Sep Ebernoe Lost by 44 runs
(30 overs)
165 for 6 209 for 7
Anderson 3-23, J McGahan 2-23, A Dean 1-7
Ham 51*, Snee 42, Hermitage 28
The match was reduced to 30 overs owing to the lunchtime rain. Ebernoe batted first and lost a couple of early wickets, but sadly several Phené bowlers served up a series of full tosses which disappeared to all corners of the ground. The Phené openers scored slowly for the first ten overs, at which point the run rate required was around 9. In spite of some spirited boundary hitting from Snee and Ham, who scored his maiden Phené 50, we fell 44 short. It was a good game with no controversies, and The Stag lived up to its 5* rating.
13:30 Sun 18 Sep Forest Green Won by 92 runs
(30 overs, 9-a-side)
238 for 7 146 for 7
Bachelor 93*, le Clercq 56, Dean 53
le Clercq 1-4, Lane 1-14, J Cunliffe 1-16
le Clercq & Dean put on 101 for the 1st wicket
Two of the Phené made guest appearances for Forest Green, and they did rather well: W Cunliffe 53, J McGahan 18 & 2-42. The Cunliffes played on opposite sides, and each took just one wicket; guess whose!