The Phené Philanderers Cricket Club

Summary of Results for 2013

Played: 13

Won: 2

Lost: 6

Drawn: 5

Wins: %

Time Date Opponents Result Phené Opponents
14:00 Sun 05 May Shamley Green Lost by 3 wickets 253 for 5 255 for 7
Dean 105*, Ajay 31, Bachelor 27
J McGahan 4-40, Siva 1-14, Ajay 1-40
A partnership of about 40 for the first wicket by le Clercq and Ajay paved the way for Dean to come in at No.3 and carry his bat for 105 not out - his first Phené century. Unfortunately the Phené total proved insufficient and good contributions from their four experienced batsmen saw Shamley Green home with 3 wickets in hand and 2 overs to spare.
Three tiles, each on a different house, were smashed during the course of the match ... including one on the infamous Burgess residence, now of course in other hands.
14:00 Sat 18 May Abinger Hammer Lost by 1 wicket 92 94 for 7
Dean 35
J McGahan 4-36, Dean 3-24
The 10 men of the Phené reduced the 9 men of the opposition to 30 for 7 before the last wicket pair took the home side to victory - as fine an example as you will ever see of that fine old Phené tradition: to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.
14:00 Sun 26 May * Chelsea Arts Club Drawn 100 for 5 156 for 6
Elcock 4-29, Siva 1-8, Dean 1-39
A le Clercq 38*, Ajay 20
We retained the Shaft trophy in a draw that seemed a fair result.
14:00 Sun 09 June Peper Harow Lost by 29 runs 133 162 for 7
Dean 3-24, J McGahan 3-38
Siva 42, Bachelor 18, le Clercq 17
Peper Harow won the toss in a match that was played this year at Shackleford.
14:15 Sun 16 June Brook House &
Drawn 174 for 8 160 for 9
Dean 69, Bachelor 39, le Clercq 17*
Dean 4-19, J McGahan 4-34, A le Clercq 1-14
14:00 Sun 30 June Shackleford Won by 51 runs 273 for 5 222
Khanbhai 90, Jones 55, Morrison 50
Snee 3-1, Madhu 3-29, Morrison 1-15
The first wicket partnership of 159 by Morrison & Khanbhai was the second highest for that wicket
and twelfth highest overall for the club, and laid a solid foundation for our first win of the season.
15:00 Fri 12 July Colehill Occasionals Lost by 7 wickets 136 137 for 3
Thompson 33, le Clercq 15, Marion 14, J McGahan 14
Thompson 1-17, J McGahan 1-22, Harman 1-25
10:00 Sat 13 July * Plush Tournament Won (!) the Wooden Spoon
14:30 Sun 14 July Bride Vale Drawn 127 for 8 183 for 9
Aschwanden 3-23, A le Clercq 3-40, Siva 1-8
J McGahan 31*, Siva 21, Ajay 15
Bride Vale won the toss and batted on a dry, slow pitch; we lost the toss and toiled through a long, hot afternoon in the field.
A day in the baking sun - the weather was rather different from last year - had its effect on the wicket, with the ball regularly stopping and lifting or shooting through low. Our innings had a difficult start. Siva and Ajay batted well until both timed the ball nicely but in the air straight to fielders - very frustrating after Bride Vale had so often lofted the ball only just out of our reach.
With 8 overs to go and the last pair at the wicket (we were only 10 strong after Roger's annual visit to A&E the day before at Plush), there seemed not much hope of surviving, surely no chance of scoring the 70 or so still required. But it is difficult to force a win bowling second on a slow pitch and we had not taken into account the McGahan Mafia: a sterling effort by Jeremy & Will saved the day and we ended our Dorset Tour with an unlikely draw.
13:00 Sun 28 July Demijohns Drawn
132 for 10 238
J McGahan 3-27, Dean 3-52, Joe McGahan 2-6
W McGahan 47*, Khanbhai 21
Demijohns batted first. Opener Ross Haines produced some impressive hitting, but couldn't cope with Alexander le Clercq's slow bouncer and fell for 148.
We had an early innings collapse before the tail wagged and held on for a draw, with Delco facing 70mph yorkers in gloom and drizzle to fend off the last over. A fun game.
13:00 Sun 04 Aug Netteswell &
Burnt Mill
Lost by 91 runs 177 268 for 4
Dean 2-18, Siva 2-40
W McGahan 37*, Ajay 32, Siva 26, Peter McGahan 26
13:00 Mon 26 Aug Pirbright Lost by 61 runs 157 218
J McGahan 7-69, Morrison 3-18
Bachelor 41, Ham 37, Ormei 30
Pirbright won the toss and batted against the nine men of the Phené, reaching a total of 218. At one stage this had looked likely to be much higher, but was restricted by Jeremy's Phené best bowling performance of 7 for 69.
Good knocks of 41 by Stuart and 37 by Giles followed by a rapid 30 from Alex Ormei looked to be giving us a chance, but were ended before the batters could really capitalise. It looked to be all over when the Pirbright opening bowler returned in the 31st over to bowl a 3 wicket maiden. But not so - or at least not yet!
With 15 overs still to face, the last wicket partnership of Gareth & Derek held out against all the attempts of the fast bowlers to blast them away on a track much bouncier than normal for Pirbright. A boring draw evolved into an exciting finish. Eventually Pirbright were forced to change tactics and turned to the spinners, who claimed the final wicket in the penultimate over.
13:00 Sun 01 Sep Thursley Cancelled
13:30 Sun 08 Sep Forest Green Abandoned (rain) 92 for 6 -
P McGahan 26*
This was developing into an exciting game against a rejuvenated side who took wickets quickly before Peter McGahan set about their bowling, but the rain set in and the game was abandoned.
13:00 Sun 15 Sep Ebernoe Won by 4 wickets
(20 overs)
90 for 6 86 for 9
J McGahan 3-13, A Dean 3-15, Elcock 2-10
Bachelor 54*, Ajay 25
By bringing forward the start time and reducing to 20/20 we managed to fit in a complete game before the forecast rains came, winning by 4 wickets with 3 overs to spare. A good end to the season, although Alexander le Clercq suffered a twisted ankle and so he was rather subdued in the Stag afterwards and had to be driven home. (Subdued? Really? Ed.) Alex Dean was happy as his bowling figures of 3 for 15 were better than his father's!