The Phené Philanderers Cricket Club

Summary of Results for 2014

Played: 12

Won: 4

Lost: 5

Drawn: 3

Wins: %

Time Date Opponents Result Phené Opponents
14:00 Sun 04 May Shamley Green Won by 56 runs 241 for 6 185
Bachelor 98, Siva 81*, A le Clercq 16
Elcock 3-36, Julien McGahan 2-5, Dean 2-40
The partnership of 173 between Bachelor and Siva was the Phené's second highest for the third wicket.
14:00 Sun 25 May * Chelsea Arts Club Drawn 151 for 9 196 for 8
Hirsch 4-21, Jacobs 2-22, J McGahan 1-24
Jacobs 58, Siva 54, J McGahan 12
Match drawn: Shaft retained!
14:00 Sun 08 June Peper Harow Won by 53 runs 173 120 for 9
M McGahan 87, H McGahan 28, Burnett 22
H McGahan 2-12, Madhu 2-26, Dean 2-36
We played a 40 Over match this year.
14:00 Sun 15 June Brook House &
Lost by 10 wickets 113 114 for 0
Siva 32, J McGahan 31, H McGahan 23*
This was a right royal stuffing: we struggled to 113 all out in the 34th over, with only three batsmen scoring more than 5; they knocked off the runs without loss inside 20 overs. This Brook House side was quite different from those of old - mainly very fit league players.
14:00 Sun 29 June Shackleford Drawn 129 for 6 153 for 9
A le Clercq 4-22, Morrison 2-13, Dean 2-38
Burt 49, Vignesh 19, J McGahan 15*

Our long-standing fixture against Shackleford, with its twisting, sloping track, old-style pavilion and tea and an opposition team liberally sprinkled with gap year talent from the local schools, looked in doubt on Friday, with only 6 players fully signed up. On consultation, the Shackleford skipper was keen to have some sort of match, so we agreed to continue and then, In the end, by some rare miraculous intervention, Simon Dean persuaded Alex to join him, Matt found a top opening batsman (Malcolm) on a cricket networking site and Siva found a stylish opening bat and medium pace bowler (Vignesh) during his Saturday game. So the Phené took the field with 9 sturdy men and a skipper (Giles) who was more than usually imperturbable and unpredictable.

We started the bowling attack unconventionally with spin down the hill from Simon and medium pace up the hill from Vignesh, mainly, one suspects, due to fitness rather than technical considerations. The Shackleford opening batsmen looked very stylish and timed their boundaries well, until a couple of wickets against the run of play put the opposition on the defensive. More bowling changes brought more canny spin into play. Matt picked up his usual early wickets and was removed from the attack, Jeremy warmed up with a few tight overs and was sent to cool off. Shackleford's run rate had slowed to a trickle. Things were looking up and our third change of bowlers, with the added symmetry of an Alex at each end, saw a demonic combination of pacey, full length swing from the bottom (A le Clercq) and solid determination from the top (A Dean). Alex le Clercq tore through their middle order with a very impressive spell of bowling - good pace, line and length and a bit of swing. Wickets started to fall quickly, with Alex raring for more blood, at which point our wise skipper restrained him in time-honoured Phené fashion by taking him off before he could complete his five-fer, that holy grail of the bowler's mission. Siva finished off the tail end and at tea, it looked as if we had an achievable target of 154.

We started well with the run chase, with Malcolm our new opener steadily accumulating by means of some fine pulls and cuts, Siva succumbing to a gloved leg side catch and Vignesh blunting their pace attack. Inevitably, Shackleford brought on some lively youngsters for some long spells to slow us down in the middle. Once our openers, including Matt, had gone and we needed to accelerate, Nick Swann then started an effective campaign of bowling high, looped, accurate leg breaks into and out of the setting sun from the bottom end. Scoring against this was only possible if you were wearing a welder's helmet, which we might bring next year. This difficult hurdle, with some accurate quicker bowling from the top end, eventually turned the tables to push the run rate out of reach. Our innings ended with some conservative batting by the lower middle order to ensure the draw rather than expose the last man, as we were only 9.

The spirit in the field was gentlemanly - as always at Shackleford - and the al fresco bar outside the pavilion after the game was a delight, with golden light, cans of lager, lots of cricket banter and enthusiastic discussion of future games.


15:00 Fri 11 July Colehill Occasionals Lost by 5 wickets 148 for 7 151 for 5
Harman 80*, Burt 17, Dean 13
Siva 2-28, Dean 1-18, Bush 1-24
The 2014 Photo Gallery includes a team photo taken at Milton Abbey School.
10:00 Sat 12 July * Plush Tournament Won the Losers' Trophy
14:00 Sun 13 July Bride Vale Lost by 2 wickets 112 115 for 8
Khanbhai 33, Tull 19, Siva 13
Khanbhai 5-25, J McGahan 1-15, Siva 1-32
13:30 Sun 03 Aug Demijohns Lost by 9 wickets 70 for 9 73 for 1
M McGahan 27, Hester 16, H McGahan 14
J McGahan 1-8

We won the toss and batted but were bowled out in only 18.1 overs, our 10 men mustering only 70 runs. Demijohns knocked off the runs in 7.4 overs for the loss of one wicket. Not our finest day.

We lost the subsequent 20-over match too, but at least we batted for 20 overs this time.

T20 Match Lost by 32 runs 108 for 5 140 for 4
H McGahan 1-11, Elcock 1-20, M McGahan 1-21
Burt 32, M McGahan 27, Siva 21
14:00 Sat 09 Aug Abinger Hammer Won by 7 wickets 245 for 3 241 for 3
A le Clercq 2-70, Churchley 1-68
Churchley 95, Bachelor 72, Ham 38*
Abinger won the toss and batted, posting a good total of 241, but we chased the runs down with two overs to spare for our third victory of the season.
14:00 Mon 25 Aug Pirbright Cancelled (rain)
13:30 Sun 31 Aug Thursley Won by 43 runs 189 146
Bachelor 54, Heaton 25*, Morrison 18, A Pullin 18
A Pullin 4-28, S Jones 3-32, Heaton 1-8
13:30 Sun 07 Sep Forest Green Drawn 226 for 8 163 for 9
Kamath 82*, Bachelor 79, Burt 34
J McGahan 3-10, Madhu 3-40,
Julian McGahan 2-24
Burt & Bachelor put on 124 for the 2nd wicket.
13:30 Sun 14 Sep Ebernoe Lost by 84 runs 119 203 for 6
J McGahan 2-36, Burt 2-54, Madhu 1-37
Bachelor 46, Peter McGahan 21, Burt 11
With only 3 of our 10 batsmen reaching double figures, the batting fell well short on this high scoring ground.